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about us

Bayside Media is a Full-Service

Media Production and Marketing Agency. We provide commercial video production, photography, graphic design, digital marketing advertising, and creative consulting services.

We work with National and International Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Entities, Medium Businesses,
Small Businesses, and Individuals creating an impact through creative visual marketing.


We have a 5-Star rating across the board.
Our satisfied clients will tell you we've made a real impact on their businesses, 
and we can do the same for you!




Creative, Tenacious, and Driven. As an industry professional, Zack's job satisfaction comes from going above and beyond to create a world-class experience for every client. Born and raised in Madison WI he moved to Sarasota and fell in love with the culture. He studied Business at the University of Wisconsin Stout and then went on to continue his education in Industrial Design and Photography at the Art Institute of Colorado.  He has worked with a variety of industries and clients from international corporations, national franchises, non-profit organizations, and beyond. He takes pride in being called the "Zack of all Trades" to his clients, partners, friends and family. 


ALEX Merrill

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Alex dedicated himself at an early age how to best serve his community. Sarasota native and graduate of Pine View High School and SCF, he now designs successful marketing campaigns attracting accounts for both small and large local businesses. Professionals strive to find a person like Alex in their network due to his "green thumb" for leveraging resources and sharing his own personal connections in order to help form long lasting and profitable relationships. Alex brings a sort of Silicon Valley work ethic to the Bayside Team that is irreplaceable. Pushing himself to service his clients down to the finest detail and encouraging his team to reach for their greatest potential is just a small part of what makes Alex's contribution here so crucial.



Accomplished Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Guru, His ability to manage and implement advanced marketing strategies with extreme efficiency at scale is among his top qualities as our COO. One of his many success stories is Orange Theory, where he single-handedly built their marketing department to what it is today. After selling his last digital marketing agency Kick Ad Marketing for nearly seven figures this past year, Ulisano partnered with Bayside Media to build the company into a marketing and media  powerhouse. His favorite joys in life come from his brilliant young daughter Gianna and his wonderful wife Dorina. Originally from Buffalo NY, he now calls Sarasota home. 



Remarkably talented and Highly experienced, Hunter Connor Herms is a top Producer/Director/Writer in the commercial video production world. Herms has produced countless commercials for both TV and online. Some recent work of his has been for Fortune 500 corporation Spectrum Brands including Remington, George Foreman, Black + Decker, Rayovac, Aprilaire, Russell Hobbs, and more. A true virtuoso in his trade, Hunter has an innate ability to craft inspirational visions and make them reality. He keeps the channels of creativity and communication open on set with his quick-witted sense of humor, making every shoot fun and enjoyable. Undoubtedly the most professional and capable Producer we have worked, we are very thrilled to have Hunter on the team.



Kyle Evers is a Cinematographer and Photographer passionate about creating high-quality promotions for everything from local and national businesses to entrepreneurs to music artists. Some of his past work includes companies such as Chick-Fil-A, Sutter Roofing, multiple MTV Siesta Key stars, social media influencers, and professional athletes. Evers years of experience in camera work and editing provides a unique touch to all projects that he works on. His primary goal in any project is to produce an exceptional piece of content with great attention to detail. Evers prefers to collaborate with other like-minded creatives to gain new perspectives on filmmaking, so joining the Bayside team was a no-brainer.



Extremely talented and hard-working Cinematographer and editor, Jazz has an unwavering dedication to providing top-level creative work. After completing Booker's Television Production program, Goldberg was accepted to Ringling's summer Film program on full scholarship, two years in a row. Following, she went on to achieve her bachelors degree in Filmmaking at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. While attending classes, Goldberg wasted no time in finding work in the industry. Raised in creative Sarasota, Florida, Goldberg submerged herself into the entertainment industry at a young age and has a bright future in this inudstry.



Graham brings colorful creativity from his worldly travels and unique filming experiences. Also known as "The Roamin' Rabbit", Graham has traveled to countless countries around the world capturing incredible photographs and video. Recently Rabbitt assisted on a music video for hip hop star B.O.B which earned a Guiness World Record for the most wardrobe changes in a single music video. One of his most noteworthy past endeavors was working as a volunteer on an African wildlife preservation caring for and protecting endangered species including Rhinos and Giraffes. His unmistakable sense of humor makes him enjoyable to work with and a great addition to the team. 

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